RETEL Services announced today that it has completed its buyout of the company with a Kansas-based investor. This represents an important milestone in RETEL’s strategic vision to expand their services and construction solutions to the wireless industry.

Continued growth in mobility demands increase in both coverage and capacity throughout the U.S. RETEL’s full suite of services include site development, engineering, construction, maintenance, as well as capabilities working with new companies such as M2M and drone technology.

“We are well-positioned with a carrier-based team that understands the importance of timely and strategic solutions”, said J.D. Harris, newly appointed President and CEO of RETEL Services. Mr. Harris has worked for more than 18 years with BellSouth Mobility, Cingular and AT&T. Harris continues, “Service companies must continue to provide scalable capabilities in support of DAS and small cell infrastructure, 5G services, IoT, smart cities, and all of today’s emerging technologies.”

JD Harris

J.D. Harris, President and CEO of RETEL Services

RETEL Services currently has offices in Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Florida. Randall Love, Investor/Owner said, “I am confident that RETEL Services will be a leading portfolio company and a best-in-class solution across all verticals of telecommunications.”

For more information on RETEL Services, contact J.D. Harris, President/CEO at or 205.913.6360.