RETEL provides the right solution. The RETEL team consists of individuals who are thought leaders and share a unified commitment to exceeding our clients’ needs. Our success is a result of thorough attention to project detail, understanding the importance of accuracy, and ensuring an on-time/within budget product.

Self-performance provides higher accountability for your project success. RETEL cares about our clients and whether we are utilizing employee based personnel or managing another vendor or sub, we have a laser focus goal on delivering successful projects.

Professional Solutions

Service companies must continue to provide scalable capabilities in order to support today’s changing and emerging technologies. RETEL has a foundation of proven professional service offerings and can provide complete project support and management for any part of the following:

Site Acquisition

Zoning & Permitting


Structural Analysis

Modification Design

Site File Audits/Entitlements

Small Cell

Project Management

“The experience RETEL provided was invaluable; especially in the area of site permitting in which they excelled. Their work was so great that we recommended them to our MLA Partners to ensure we continued to benefit from the work done by RETEL Services. I look forward to continuing to work with RETEL in the near future and would recommend their services to all.”

Shawn Blassingill, Sr. Development Manager
T-Mobile, Atlanta

Field Solutions

Industry companies that provide field services best control project cost and deployment timelines through employee-based crews. RETEL continues to grow our in-house staff and equipment to better perform the following:

Line & Antenna

LTE Upgrades


Tower Modifications

Civil Construction

Field Audits


Construction Project Management


RETEL provides the right solution when clients need additional in-house support without a full-time dedicated employee. We provide quality personnel with high standards of excellence, ethics and talent to meet the needs of our clients.

We have a stringent pre-screening process to ensure our clients’ requirements are met. This allows our client to focus their time and attention on their internal duties and other project work.

7701 E Kellogg Suite 670
Wichita, KS 67207-1705

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